CryptoMaximum advisers highly rated Market Maker Tools. Infinity Rocket finished the development and presented the software on June 20, 2022

Сhief of the Traders Department CryptoMaximum Group shared his opinion about the tool:

If we look at the IRT token price chart in a long term, we can see that it is quite comfortable for traders. It’s important that the chart works out horizontal and dynamic support and resistance levels. It’s difficult to make a good price chart on DEX and the majority of projects has inaccurate ones.

At the same time the IRT chart always works out Fibonacci levels and liquidity levels clearly. This fact attracts traders to work with this asset. The more important is the tool the marketmakers use. The things we saw on the presentation confirm the fact. Infinity Rocket team managed to create the product that allows to form a chart interesting for traders.
We can conclude that all the projects that will be launched on the Launchpad Platform Infinity Rocket and will use consequently Market Maker Tools will be appealing to a wide range of traders.

IRT Technical analysis:

We wish good luck to the team and expect new achievements.

Watch the video presentation: