Infinity Rocket Smart Technologies for DEX & CEX

Infinity Rocket Сompany specializes in the development of technology services for the CEX and DEX segments of the cryptocurrency market. The company focuses on creating comprehensive solutions for professional traders and market makers, token founders.

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Market Maker Tools for DEX & CEX

manage the token price on the exchange

Infinity Rocket program solution allowing market makers to run token movement on the DEX exchanges.

Market Maker Tools allows to manage the trading volume, accumulate and distribute positions. Allows to form a requested price chart.
Forms support and resistance levels, works with numerous wallets at the same time (up to 20 bots).
Allows to increase the trading volume on the exchange.
Start managing your token efficiently and attract new investors faster.


The New Market Making Standard

Our mission is to create fundamental projects and professional tools for the crypto world.

High level of expertise

Our company creates and develops projects based on blockchain technology for traders and token founders.

We are Creating New standards

We are creating smart tools that are becoming popular.

Automation of Trading Processes

IT helps to automate processes and achieve brilliant results.

Manage your tokens effectively

We know what tools can help traders in their work.

Security & Privacy

You will get an access to a set of instructions for ensuring the security and privacy of the project.


We have respect for anonymity and confidentiality. We are happy to work with completely anonymous clients.

Project News


Road Map

Q3 2021
Launch of an Active Advertising Campaign. Launch Token on PancakeSwap.
Q4 2021
WhitePaper. PooCoin Ads.
Q4 2021
Listing on Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsbit.
Q4 2021
Listing on Coingecko. Listing on CoinMarketCap.
Q1 2022
Forge Partnerships with Influencers. Marketing and Airdrops.
Q2 2022
Website Update. Marketing and Airdrops. Token Burning.
Q2 2022
Listing on TOP Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Q2 2022
Market Maker Tools Release
Q3 2022
Launchpad Platform Beta-Testing. Marketing and Airdrops.
Q4 2022
Influencer Partnership and Airdrops. Token Burning.
Q1 2023
Market Maker Tools for DEX Open Sale
Q2 2023
Market Maker Tools for CEX Open Sale
Q2 2023
Token burning. Roadmap update. Website update. Marketing.
Q3 2023
Market Maker Tools UniSwap Testing
Q4 2023
Market Maker Tools Uniswap Release
Q4 2023
Token Burning. Marketing and Promotion.
Roadmap update.
Q1 2024
MM Tools Polygon Release (Uniswap, Sushiswap)
Q1 2024
MM Tools Arbitrum Release (Uniswap, Sushiswap)
Q2 2024
New DEX on MM Tools - Orca with Solana Release
Q2 2024
New DEX on MM Tools - Raydium
Q2 2024
New DEX on MM Tools - DODO (BSC, Arbitrum, Polygon)
Q3 2024
New DEX on MM Tools - Quickswap (Polygon)
Q3 2024
New DEX on MM Tools - Trader Joe with Avalanche Release
Q4 2024
Website update
Q4 2024
Token Burning
Q4 2024
Roadmap Update


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How It Works


Get Free Trial

Get a Free Trial to test the Market Maker Tools.


Start Work

Add your Token, Exchange and connect your Wallet.


Use the great Features

Test the ready-made Bot scenarios: Volume Bot, Pump Bot, Daily Smooth Buy/Sell Bot and others.


Pay for the Subscription

Pay for a Subscription and use market making bots.


Token Distribution

  • Contract:0xCBE5BcA571628894A38836b0baE833ff012f71D8
  • Network Name:Binance Smart Chain BEP20
  • Purchase methods accepted:BNB
Emission200 000 000 IRT
Start Cost of 1 IRT Token0.0000001 BNB
  • New Token emissions:Unavailable
  • Bonus system:No
  • Presale of Private Sale:Not held
  • Whitelist:No
  • 30% Exchange Liquidity
  • 10% Founders and Team (Locked up to Q3 2022)
  • 10% Advisors (Locked up to Q2 2022)
  • 30% Reserved Funding (Locked up to Q4 2022)
  • 20% Marketing

Contract Number: 0xcbe5bca571628894a38836b0bae833ff012f71d8
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