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Market Maker Tools

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crypto market making service for DEX

Market Maker Tools allows you to create a large number of trading bots for performing various market maker tasks: price holding, accumulation, distribution, providing necessary price impulse.

Plot your own chart on DEX

Start managing your token efficiently.
Your token will be attractive to traders.

Use a large number of trading bots working simultaneously

Manage all your bots with one convenient tool.

Control token’s liquidity and volume

The tool allows you to manage the trading
volume, accumulate and distribute positions.

Get trial period MM Tools

Connect to the tool and get 72 hours
of free trial Market Maker Tool.

Products for market makers

Market Maker Tools

For DEX Orca, Raydium, UniSwap, PancakeSwap, SushiSwap

Market Maker Tools
• allows to manage the trading volume and form a requested price chart, to accumulate and distribute positions, forms support and resistance levels,
• works with numerous wallets at the same time (up to 20 bots),
• use preset Bot behavior scenarios (Daily Smooth Buy Bot, Daily Smooth Sell Bot, Volume Bot, Pump Bot and others).

Market Maker Tools has a strategy of auto-following the token price on one exchange after another. The Program allows to create a large number of trading bots for performing various market maker tasks: price holding, accumulation, distribution, providing necessary price impulse.

DEX Exchanges:
• Raydium SOL 🆕
• Uniswap V3 BSC / ETH / Polygon / Arbitrum / BASE
• Uniswap V2 BSC / ETH / BASE
• Sushiswap V2 BSC / ETH / Arbitrum / BASE
• PancakeSwap V2 BSC / ETH
• PancakeSwap V3 BSC / ETH

Price: 1 token MM Tools DEX from $299/month

Market Maker Tools

For CEX LBank, Bitrue and Coinsbit

The package includes:

— Order book management.

— Trading volume management.

— Protection against sudden price movements.

— Clearing old orders.

— Auto-tracking of price.

— Monitoring and statistics.

— Telegram event notifications.

Price: 1 trading pair MM Tools CEX $649/month

Fully managed service, 24/7 solution

Infinity Rocket provides market making solutions for crypto projects and crypto exchanges. We help projects achieve their business goals. Make your token successful with the Market Maker Tools.
See how the tool works.

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Market Maker Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect the instrument? How many tokens can I add to one account?

If you want to connect to Market Maker Tools you need to sign up to the program (on the website), verify your account, connect to Telegram to enable notifications and contact the support service. Market Maker Tools DEX will be activated for you. Then you need to add your token and wallet. Finally, you can set the bot to buy and sell on the exchange. You can create up to 20 bots in one account.

What exchanges does Market Maker Tools DEX work with?

Market Maker Tools DEX works with PancakeSwap.

How can I pay for the subscription? Can I pay in USDT?

You can pay for the subscription in your Market Maker Tools personal account. After you add your token press “Renew” to go to payment. You can choose the subscription period and the payment method. Now you can pay in USDT TRC20, IRT BEP20, BNB BEP20.  IRT is an Infinity Rocket token.

For how long can I use the free trial account?

You can get free access to Market Maker Tools for 72 hours to explore the interface and the program options. Then you’ll need to get a subscription for a period you need.

Do you offer any support or studying options?

Every user can get a free 72-hour access to explore the program. After you get the subscription, you will become an Infinity Rocket client and get a thorough instruction on how to use Market Maker Tools. Also, you will be free to ask any questions about setting the program and working with it in the support service chat.

What sort of tokens is this program suitable for?

Market Maker Tools program is perfect for managing any tokens in the BSC and BEP20 networks. The BEP20 standard is exceptionally popular among the token developers and it is remarkable for the fact that Binance Smart Chain was created for the decentralized financial sector precisely.



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