🔥 Now you can save up to 30% when paying for Market Maker Tools! Use the new convenient billing plans.

The popularity of the Market Maker Tools continues to grow. For user convenience, various billing plans Beginner, Advanced or PRO have been created. Additionally, there is an option to subscribe for multiple months at once and receive a discount of up to 30%.

🚀 Discounts:

◽️ 10% discount when subscribing for 3 months.
◽️ 20% discount when subscribing for 6 months.
◽️ 30% discount when subscribing for 12 months.

Choose the suitable billing plan – Beginner, Advanced, or PRO, based on the number of wallets you connect and the number of bots, and pay for the subscription with savings of up to 30%.

🚀 MM Tools DEX Billing Plans:

◻️ Beginner: 1 wallet, 2 bots, $299 per month.
◻️ Advanced: 2 wallets, 5 bots, $599 per month.
◻️ Pro: Unlimited wallets & bots, $899 per month.

👉🏻 MM Tools Billing Plans: https://t.me/irocketeng/395

Submit an application for connection and testing: https://mm.irocket.pro/account/signup/?source=site