We are presenting a new interview with the lead CM traders to you. How do the specialists estimate the IRT movement comparing to other cryptocurrencies and what forecasts do they make? We’ve asked the traders to express their opinion on the most important points.

There have been several significant events for a few months. Could you, please, share your view on the current situation on the market?

Now the market is in the surrender phase. The FTX collapse has determined the current situation on the market at the end of 2022. However, there are always positive sides that allow forecasting a great market growth in 2023-2024. After every surrender phase there is a new development cycle.

In what mood do the traders meet December 2022?

As we can see, the majority of traders prefer taking a wait-and-see attitude as the situation on the market is not clear. It’s totally fine. As soon as a weekly chart shows strong growth, everybody will start trading more actively. Also, we’ve noticed the trading volume growth on DEX. In November it was 79% higher comparing to October. The traders prefer safer working strategies.

You’re keeping your eye on the Infinity Rocket project as advisers. Can you estimate the IRT movement compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

If we compare the absolute indicators of growth and decline, we can conclude that the token is holding on confidently. For example, if we compare the price level a year ago and now we will see that the decline year-on-year at the moment is no more than 20% (a year ago the token cost was $ 0.011, now it is $ 0.009), while BTC lost more than 70% of the value ($16,500 versus $ 57,800), ETH also lost more than 70% ($1,200 versus $4,400), BNB lost 50% of the value ($302 versus $624) and so on. This indicates a serious potential for the growth of the IRT token in the upcoming years.

This year autumn at Infinity Rocket was full of events: the launchpad was tested and launched, a partnership agreement was signed with the Listing.Help agency, marketing activities were carried out. Did the events affect the movement of the token, its price? How did investors react?

We participated in testing and launching the launchpad, the product came out ready to use. We can’t wait to see the launches of new tokens, this can create explosive demand and an increase in the price of the IRT token.

Partnership with Listing.Help is strategic for the Infinity Rocket team. This opens up the opportunity of working with a large pool of Listing.Help clients as the largest player in this market. In fact, this partnership directly connects new Listing.Help customers with the capabilities of Infinity Rocket and will undoubtedly bear fruit in the future. And if we take into account the potential of Market Maker Tools, which is so necessary for new projects, then this cooperation can be called a key one this year.

During the opening of the launchpad platform, the token showed a local growth of up to 120%. The number of holders grows by 2-4% monthly, while large investors retain their positions. Yes, the Infinity Rocket project is not the largest, but it has demonstrated resilience in a crisis. The token is traded on DEX and in view of recent events, it has turned out to be safer and more promising for investors.

If this is appropriate in the current market conditions – what medium-term forecasts of the movement of the IRT token can we talk about? Please, comment on the IRT chart.

At the moment, the token is at the support level and all metrics indicate the accumulation of positions by large holders, and in the wake of the growth of the entire market, we can see a serious movement of the price chart.

So we can see the growth until March 2023, right?

Yes, provided the market stabilizes and reverses.

Based on your experience of observing the development of such projects, what upcoming Infinity Rocket events may affect the movement of the IRT token?

Using the example of other projects, we can definitely say that the release of new products, profitable partnerships, and the expansion of fields of activity have a powerful impact.

In the latest news, we saw that Infinity Rocket is working on professional tools for market makers – most likely, the launch of new products will be accompanied by an increase in the price of the token. The use of the token as means of payment for Market Maker Tools has also been announced, which will also provoke an increase in demand for the token.

What else should investors pay attention to?

The general opinion of CM traders is that the DEX sphere is now one of the most promising on the market. Real projects that have passed the current crisis have excellent growth opportunities.

We see that the Infinity Rocket team is actively working on the development of the project, making verified steps. We believe that active sales of market-making tools, the introduction of the IRT token into the Infinity Rocket ecosystem will ensure price growth in the medium and long term.

Recommendation: Keep the IRT token in your portfolio until the goals are achieved.

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