Coming soon! Infinity Rocket IT programs subscription paid with IRT tokens

As you well know, the Infinity Rocket team is currently developing its own full-cycle launchpad platform for new projects launching and promotion. However, this is not the only area of interest for the company.

Also, we specialize in convenient and professional toolkit creation for trading and marketing purposes. We would like to share the news about software development for the cryptocurrency market with you.

  • Market Maker Tools through subscription.

Market Maker Tools is a solution allowing marketmakers to run token movement on the DEX exchanges. Our colleagues have highly appreciated the its convenience because we are already using Market Maker Tools when working with Infinity Rocket partners.

Soon we’ll start Market Maker Tools promotion campaign among target audience and will enable the subscription. It’s crucial that the user will be able to pay for the subscription with IRT tokens raising its value and capitalization.

  • Coming soon! New software marketmaker complex for the CEX exchanges.

The Infinity Rocket team has developed a unique product for token movement management on the centralized CEX exchanges. The new IT solution meets the high demand of the professionals who take part in its designing. The lead marketmakers have already begun testing the product.

You’ll be able to purchase the program through subscription with IRT tokens.

Infinity Rocket makes its contribution to the cryptocurrency industry consolidation by creating the professional toolkit aimed to increase the effectiveness and convenience.

Go ahead!