Infinity Rocket founders about the opening of the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform

As we already know from the news, the company has an important stage – launchpad opening and new client projects launching. The project founders shared with us how the users can gain on the Infinity Rocket platform and when it is possible to participate in the early wave of investments.

We warmly congratulate the team on the new achievement! Could you tell us more about the launchpad opening?

Thank you! We are pleased to present the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform . Without any doubt, this event is an interesting step on our way to new projects. On September 9th we have opened the platform for users to explore it, to create an account and set it. On September 12th the first launch will be initiated – Infinity Rocket Airdrop with a total prize fund of 1,000,000 IRT (~20,000 USDT). We will check the platform functionality and the transaction speed in real conditions with many users and wallets.

Also, after September 12th we will announce the Bug Bounty conditions (public beta-test). We will tell you how to leave feedback for us and reward the most active participants.

What is going to happen to the project within the next few months?

As we have already mentioned, now the platform has the basic functionality. We have a development plan for the launchpad, so we will constantly keep elaborating and adding more and more features to it.
Then, in a couple of weeks we are starting receiving applications from start-ups and working with our clients. We are going to rate the new projects, formulate their idea, place tokens and prepare their promotion. When you see the first business projects on our launchpad, this will mean that our team will have been working with them for at least a couple of weeks or, probably, months.

You can see the counter of the projects waiting to be rated by Infinity Rocket on our platform. For now, we have received 2 applications (before opening) and we are rating them. Frankly speaking, we are going to eliminate the participants strictly, leaving only the most reliable and appealing for investors. The projects that will successfully pass the selection will be placed on the platform marked as “Upcoming”.

What about the Airdrop for the amount of 1 million IRT. What an amazing prize fund! How can one participate?

You need to register on the platform and connect the wallet containing IRT in your personal account. According to the chosen promo project, you need to hold a certain number of IRT tokens to join the launchpad. This exact project requires having at least 100K IRT tokens to participate. You will have to hold them until 18.09.2022. Then you will see the project chart with the finish date.

At the final day the button “Receive tokens” will be activated and after checking you will receive your tokens on the wallet connected. Look for more details in the instruction:

What marketing activities have you prepared for this outstanding period?

We are currently concentrating on communication with the existing community. Our advisers monitor the events and broadcast them to the community. We work with influencers and build connections with business media.

Next week on September 13th we are having a big international AMA session on the LBank Exchange Telegram Chat (EN). We appreciate their active community, join us. A bit later we will prepare the AMA session for russian-speaking community and answer all questions.

Nevertheless, we keep observing the IRT token chart. The price got out of the accumulation and is about to beat the maximum. Also, the trading volume on the exchanges has significantly increased which encourages new traders to notice the project.

We would like to thank everybody who supports our project. There is a lot intriguing ahead!

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