Interview Infinity Rocket

What are the current conditions you have to deal with for developing Infinity Rocket’s projects?

– Speaking about the situation in general, the digital asset market continues to be in a historically low volatility mode. The total volume of spot trading on centralized exchanges reached its lowest level since October 2020 and dropped to $422 million. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges (DEX) has fallen to its lowest level since December 2020. In August, DEX trading volume decreased by 7.3% and by 17% in July.

In 2023, BTC showed the lowest volatility in the last ten years. BTC supply on exchanges has dropped to a 5-year low. Also, in this cycle, there are the most number of days with negative price changes YoY.

But investors are holding their positions: long-term BTC holders have set a historical record – they currently own 75% of the total BTC supply. The number of new Bitcoin addresses has reached a five-year high. Also, about 527,000 new addresses are created daily, which is a new annual high. If we look at short-term investments, the supply has decreased to a multi-year low of 2.56 million BTC.

This means that investors’ faith in Bitcoin remains impressively high. Holders do not want to spend their coins or liquidate their assets, they just continue holding long-term positions.

What upcoming events will have the strongest impact on the market and push Infinity Rocket forward?

– A strong driving factor is the expectation of two important events in 2024 for BTC: the launch of the first spot ETF and the 4th halving. The fact that both of these events are expected to occur in the same period is bullish and gives hope for market recovery.

Also, the growth of asset tokenization. We know that over the next five years, asset tokenization is expected to reach a total of $5 trillion, which will represent approximately 2% of the world’s money supply. Analysts from Bernstein note that they expect a significant increase in the use of stablecoins and central bank digital currencies as a means of payment.

Asset tokenization is the process of converting securities, precious metals, real estate, art objects, goods, and other assets into digital tokens that can be bought, sold, and exchanged. The value of such digital tokens is backed by an asset from the real world.

The revival of the cryptocurrency market, the increase in the number of new project launches, and the activity of business tokenization will have a positive impact on the development of the Infinity Rocket launchpad. This is a convenient way to interact with investors of different levels, as well as an indicator of startup success. Many will use tokens in loyalty programs, gaming mechanics of applications, and implement them in various areas of their business.

In the near future, we plan to release Market Maker Tools for Uniswap on ERC20, BEP20, MATIC blockchains. This will attract a large number of new customers.

Infinity Rocket’s service products Market Maker Tools CEX / DEX will be more in demand for both new tokens and those who are already actively participating in the market. After all, the task of managing a token is relevant both at the launch stages and at the stages of development and expansion.

How do you evaluate investment activity and investments in new projects?

– Despite the low volatility of the market, funds continue to invest substantial amounts of money in startups. Since the beginning of the year, projects have raised at least $5.8 billion.

The most popular category for investments remains DeFi (blockchain-based financial instruments) and blockchain services. Projects in this category are aimed at improving the convenience of using blockchain infrastructure, which has become very relevant.

There is high activity in attracting investments for startups from the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and South Korea. Asian countries remain some of the most favorable markets for cryptocurrency projects.

And how are things going with investments at Infinity Rocket?

– We have an ideal situation – we are already at the stage of self-sufficiency of the product and are developing on our own earned funds.

Do you consider selling your projects to some major players in the market?

– At the moment, we are not actively pursuing this option, but we are also not blocking it. It is a natural development process – there comes a moment when your high-quality product becomes noticeable and attracts the attention of major players. The upcoming market growth period of 2024-2025 may bring us such opportunities. We are open to collaboration. Moreover, we have many new ideas to implement. The market needs convenient, well-thought-out tools, and we specialize in this. Therefore, we will always be interesting to both investors and partners.

We are already open to collaboration under the White Label partnership system. Such proposals are coming in, and we are negotiating the implementation of our product into ready-made market-making platforms. The modularity of our system allows for such integration. We are confident that the next step for many exchanges will be to create similar tools within the exchange itself, to increase the convenience and loyalty of projects that come to listing. For now, this is a grey area, and all projects themselves have to deal with these tasks. Integrating such a service on board an exchange will increase the number of listings and the quality of already working projects.

Can you share news about product development? We would like to know more details.

– We are working on launching tokens on any blockchain for the launchpad. Initially, we focused only on BSC as the most popular one, but we are receiving many requests for launches on other blockchains. This is currently the main development direction, and we plan to implement it in the nearest quarter. The task is to achieve 100% coverage of the project launch market and provide the highest quality and secure service.

In this and next year, we will continue improving the DEX sector in the Market Maker Tools instrument. We are also developing the functionality of MM Tools for the CEX sector. Also, we are currently developing algorithms for mutual integration of CEX and DEX sectors using the Smart Money copy trading function. We are receiving a lot of feedback from users, which gives us a flow of additional ideas. The most significant of them are being implemented.

Infinity Rocket will soon be 2 years old, what is the team’s mood?

– Indeed, the company will be 2 years old in September. We have achieved a lot:

  • we have assembled a professional team,
  • launched a launchpad platform,
  • created unique services for market makers,
  • our token IRT is traded on exchanges, and more than 20,000 holders trust us.

We are pleased that the company manages to maintain flexibility and agility – we do not want to turn into an inflexible structure. As we value the opportunities for quick management and understanding of the needs of customers – users of our products.

The team’s mood is upbeat, and we confidently look to the future, understanding that our products are in demand and effective. We will develop our services and expand the launchpad for the overwhelming majority of blockchains. Thank you for following our story and supporting us.