Market Maker Tools

Market Maker Tools is an Infinity Rocket solution made for token operating on DEX. This is an important part of our great launchpad platform. The market making trading bots are already available to all the professionals on the market! 

The main aim of a token after the listing is increasing trading volumes and creating exchange charts, as well as attracting new investors. Market Maker Tools bots help manage the token price on DEX successfully.

 What Market Maker Tools bots can:

– manage trading volume, 

– accumulate and distribute positions, 

– build support and resist levels,

– build required price chart,
– work out pre-installed ready-made scenarios like Daily Smooth Buy Bot, Daily Smooth Sell Bot, Volume Bot, Pump Bot and others.    

Market Maker Tools allows to automate the marketmaker process and manage dozens of wallets at the same time. Token owners will be able to shape the strategy or apply ready made token price changing scenarios on the exchange. 

One Bot can both buy and sell at a set time frame. Using just one Bot you can determine the price changing balance at a set time frame.

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