How Infinity Rocket utilizes Artificial Intelligence technologies

Recently, AI has become a very popular topic of discussion, and cryptocurrency projects focused on AI are gaining more and more interest in the industry.

AI-based products can be useful tools for the crypto industry. In addition to automating processes, analyzing large databases, and increasing the speed of operations, technology can also help investors in their work.

Implementing AI-based developments can be useful for forming investor portfolios, reducing risks, and increasing transaction profitability.

  • AI is able to track the market situation according to specified parameters.
  • Analyze trades.
  • Monitor changes in the development of crypto projects and the industry.
  • Detect fraudulent schemes.
  • Analyze the work of market makers and crypto exchanges.

Definitely, in the future, we can expect an increase in the number of crypto projects with AI and overall development of AI-based technologies.

As for Infinity Rocket products, the AI technologies were used in the MM Tools product, in particular, in the mechanism of token price auto-tracking and pre-set scenarios (presets) for price movement.

Currently, Infinity Rocket actively uses AI elements to train algorithms based on collected data arrays.