Infinity Rocket is launching a referral program for partners selling Market Maker Tools

Do you want to become our partner and sell Market Maker Tools for DEX (market making bots for PancakeSwap) on exclusive terms with rewards up to 45%?
Join the new Infinity Rocket referral program!

Conditions for our partners and clients:
— At the start: 20% commission on sales to the partner and a 5% discount for the client.
— Depending on the number of clients, the partner’s commission increases up to 45%.

The cost of the product for the client: MM Tools for DEX at $900/month per token.
As part of the referral program, from one sale of MM Tools DEX, the client will receive a $45 discount (5% of $900), and the partner’s reward will be $171 (20% of the amount minus the client’s discount).