Infinity Rocket founders about company’s plans for the second half-year of 2022: important events

The upcoming Q3 and Q4 of 2022 are essential for the Infinity Rocket products development and intriguing for investors.

Next month we’re going to hold an open beta-test of our launchpad platform and also we’re going to begin collecting the applications from projects. We are stepping on a new project strengthening level. The beta-test will allow us to take the users opinion into account and improve our product even more.

The more dynamic phase will begin for investors: we’re going to broaden our community and enhance the number of holders. Launchpad platform activity will attract some additional crypto community interest. If this process goes along with the market becoming more active, this would be awesome. Anyway, we are doing our best and follow our development plan with enough resources.

The main plans for the second half-year of 2022:

  • Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform beta-test Q3
  • Platform release Q3
  • Launchpad applications collecting Q3
  • First projects launching and their promotion Q4-Q1
  • АМА sessions in iRocket telegram chats in English and in Russian Q3
  • Websites update Q3-Q4
  • Marketing activities and Airdrops Q3
  • Tokens burning Q4
  • Cooperation with influencers Q3-Q4

We will give you details of all the necessary events in our social networks and website. We’re very grateful for your support and looking forward to further success.