Infinity Rocket news and closest events. Don’t miss!

Today, on the last summer day we would like to share some Infinity Rocket news and events.

  • What has the team been focusing on for the last couple of weeks?

We have spent this summer actively. We were aiming not to tell you a lot about what we were doing. We suppose that it’s more important to show the finished product rather than talking about problems or difficulties we faced while working.
The team was focused on the main platform functionality and was working on the marketing plan for September-December period. We did our best to spend as much free time outdoors as possible to collect some energy for further work.

  • Cool! Can’t wait to know more about the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform. Your announcement said you would be holding an open testing so everyone could participate in it.

Absolutely. The open testing will occur in September, just in a couple of weeks. After the testing we will start taking applications from start-ups to work with our platform. We are currently preparing an instruction for our investors on how to use our launchpad and gain money on new projects. And for the potential partners – an instruction on how to choose and rate projects. Our marketing department is making the media plans and AMA-sessions timetable.

One of the major units of work was dedicated to the working standardization of the new projects that are going to be launched on our platform. This unit includes: token creation methodology, perspective exchanges searching and their listing conditions exploration, marketing support stages and promotion.

And most importantly, we are already starting to think about the next steps – to plan new stages of the platform development and new Infinity Rocket services. For example, the IRT staking project is very interesting. This will be really significant for the development of the token. The project implementation period is about six months, plus the preparatory stage. We are working on it now.

  • How do you rate the current market situation? How do investors behave now?

We can see that now investors are actively investing in DEX tokens. A new phase of the market can bring significant profits, much higher than classic instruments.

  • What upcoming event causes great excitement and vibes?

There are two such events. The first is our team’s birthday. In September, we will officially turn 1 year old. And when you understand how much work and achievements have happened this year – you spread your wings and see no obstacles. It gives real inspiration.

And another event is our first start-ups placement on our launch platform. It will be a new path with new project partners. This drives us crazy. Because our work will give life to new projects in the crypto space. And we will become a reliable and confident platform for starting into crypto world. We expect to launch several new projects by the end of the year.

  • Yesterday there was news that the launchpad external testing will begin in a few weeks.

That’s right. We will soon start open testing for an external audience. All IRT tokens holders will be able to join! And we will prepare nice gifts for all participants. It will be productive and interesting. Follow the news and participate.