Infinity Rocket program products development news: presentation dates

The company released the Report for 9 months recently (from the project start in September 2021 to June 2022). We have noticed that one of the most discussed topics, which is the Launchpad Platform functions development, attracts the biggest public attention. We have prepared the answers to some most important questions about the Platform program block development process.

  • Which function parts of the Platform you create you can highlight? Could you, please, remind us what are the main product characteristics that make it unique?

We are working on Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform creation – a full-cycle launchpad.

The point of our platform is in its multitasking. We are not only perform as a launchpad but we also supervise the project from the idea stage. We provide the projects that are going to launch with us with:
– marketing services complex, idea pack, branding and web-development;
token creation, smart-contact creation and its audit;
– token placement in catalogs and listing on exchanges;
– token price management;
– project promotion in the crypto community, new holders attraction and stimulation of the existing ones.

To complete all these tasks successfully the team creates a range of software solutions Launchpad Platform. In the platform we can highlight two important units – project founder’s personal account and Launchpad functionality.

  1. Founder’s personal account includes token price management service Market Maker Tools and token statistics collection unit.
  2. Launchpad – is user’s account where the main project mechanics is realized, here the token retention is carried out with further new tokens are distributed among new holders.

The project development is carried out based on the MVP principle with the essential functionality realization for the usage start and further product modification and development. The functionality extension will continue constantly.

  • What is on the active development stage now?

This year we launch Market Maker Tools, statistics collection and some more basic units for Launchpad, which is enough for first projects launching and getting feedback about the Platform work.

One of our goals is providing our clients with qualified service in terms of market-making and liquidity maintain on the exchange because after token launching effective management on DEX is needed. There are no ready-made solutions on the market that could satisfy us. That is why we create the module ourselves. The product iRocket Market Maker Tools, developed for working with any tokens on DEX is ready, the statistics and liquidity collection as well as holders monitoring is initiated. MM Tools supports the opportunity of the full price chart management. The simultaneous launching of unlimited number of trading bots each of which can perform its function, for example position accumulation or price movement in a given range is initiated.

  • Could you give us more details about the functions of iRocket Market Maker Tools?

iRocket Market Maker Tools solves essential problems connected with working on DEX:

– allows trading volume regulation;
– allows position accumulation and distribution;
– allows to form support and resistance levels;
– can work with a plenty of wallets at the same time;
– allows to form a price chart required.

This tool is vital for the token manager and it will be available for everyone who launches their project on Infinity Rocket Launchpad.

  • When are you going to present iRocket Market Maker Tools?

The product is already finished and even used in some projects. Now we are filming a video review on Market Maker Tools and we will have held the presentation until the end of June 2022. Also, we are going to release an article with the product description.    

  • Great news! We are looking forward the demonstration. What about the development of the tools for the new projects launching Launchpad?

As I have already mentioned, the work on unit development and extension will go on continuously. Now we are mostly concentrated on the project user account creation and basic launching tools integration: 

  • Airdrop module
  • Subscription module
  • Token retention control module
  • Final token distribution system
  • Reports and statistics
  • User’s personal account safety system, 2FA, access restore etc.

We have already created the architecture, the layout, the program code so the product is on a high stage of readiness. We are focused on the fuctional testing and system reliability checking. The efficiency testings are held (stable work, load and stress testings). Manual and automatic way tests and extended tests. Generally, everything is according to the development standards.  

Now our priority is finishing working on the Market Maker Tools unit, which requires resources concentration. That is why we took the decision to shift Launch Tools beta-test to the Q3 2022 but we guarantee to launch Market Maker Tools until the 30th of June 2022 according to all the development standards, of course.

It’s important to create a product your team would be sure is qualified. Especially when we speak about any kind of financial services. We keep up with the general Road Map timeframe, furthermore, this year we are going to present the extremely relevant Market Maker Tools together with the Launchpad. That is awesome.

  • What can users use this Platform for?

 Participation in new projects launching on Pre-Sale, work with new projects that launch their tokens on it.

  • Who will have an access to it?

We are going to make it accessible for everyone.

  • What plans do you have for the second half of 2022? When should we expect any important events?

Until the 30th of June, 2022 iRocket Market Maker Tools will be introduced to the community for working with tokens on DEX.
In Q3 2022 we will present the Launchpad and will hold an open beta-test. Everyone will be able to take part in it.

In Q3 2022 after successful beta-test we will receive applications for launchpads.

In Q4 2022 we will update the project development plan for 2023 and will start to involve business projects for our platform launching.

Surely, everything from the Road Map 2022 will stay relevant and will be done. Don’t miss the news!