Start-up investment attraction. The importance of launchpad in crypto project financing

The investments are essential for the launching and development of any start-up. Investment attraction complicates with the high risks and investors work management. To minimize the risks the financing is divided into several stages:

Pre-seed — at this stage the project gets funds from a start-up team or it’s inner circle;

Seed — is held when the start-up gets a structure, a strategy and a road map. Venture investors, strategy partners, incubators and funds start being interested in the project;

Private sale — media partners, influencers and private-pools invest in the project;

Public sale – this is the final stage before the project exchange listing. The project is highly developed and ready to be released to the public. At this stage the project gets an investment flow from the wide audience and its community grows. The public sales usually are carried on launchpads.

The platforms are extremely important for start-up development at this stage. The Launchpad thoroughly audits the project rating the team competence, the interest and participation of the major investors the business model, the product preparedness before being released on the exchange and some other important aspects. Then the launchpad introduces the start-up to its audience that holds platform tokens to have a chance of getting an allocation and redeeming the crypto start-up tokens before the project is released on exchanges.

This is how the launchpads play the major role in the industry development helping new crypto projects attract funds and helping investors make money taking part in tokensales at a reasonable price.