Interview with the Infinity Rocket team about the launchpad development and new projects

There have been a lot of changes and events in the financial and investment spheres recently. We have decided to talk to the Infinity Rocket executives about their plans and the company activity in current conditions.

We congratulate you on the Market Maker Tools sales start. We can see that the company is extending its range and the field of interests is growing bigger.

— Yes, we have finished setting Market Maker Tools this quarter. We have set a user-friendly interface, developed and established some pre-set bot scenarios. Our product is ready to be used widely, we have already started selling it.

Now the company possesses two excellent products: the launchpad for start-ups launching and promotion and the market making tools for working with tokens on the exchanges. Our team is working fairly hard applying all the professional skills to implement the projects we have planned.

How does the crisis market situation influence the company’s working process?

— The Infinity Rocket strategy is to work as efficiently as possible without relying on loan money. The express bankruptcy of banks did not affect our finances. However, we have another problem: those new projects that were supposed to be launched on our launchpad can’t find the necessary funding. As a result, the launches are postponed for indefinite time or are canceled at all.

So new business projects are not ready to be launched on the launchpad?

— The projects postponed their listings due to the fundraising issues. Some serious start-ups delay launching. Consequently, we have no projects ready for launching now.

The Infinity Rocket launchpad is 100% ready to work: the platform is operating and has been tested. The reason for postponing the new projects launching at the moment does not depend on us. We still continue working with start-ups. We consult them and form the listing strategies for them. We hope that the new launches will be held in quarter 2 or 3 in 2023.

After we opened the launchpad, we chose 10 decent projects from dozens of options. Two of them have passed our safety and investment attractiveness audits successfully. Both of them can’t be launched currently due to the financial problems, so their launch is postponed.

We are working on solving the problem but we can’t say for sure when the projects are going to be launched. The reality has changed a lot. We are going to adjust to the current circumstances and launch projects as soon as they are ready.

So now it’s clear why you decided to extend your field of interests. Is Market Maker Tools for DEX/CEX a part of a new strategy?

— That’s right. We have already planned to extend the range of products. And now we can see clearly that creating new development platforms, new intellectual products is our perfect opportunity for diversification and providing the IRT token with stability for our investors.

We are going to search for new opportunities in different spheres increasing the Infinity Rocket activity on market. Our intellectual products are sold by subscription and IRT token is always included in the system.

What is the team working on currently?

— We are completing the Market Maker Tools version for CEX setting. We are going to release it and start sales in quarter 2. It’s going to get more and more interesting. We are going to create our own open multi-user trading platform on DEX called iRocket Finance. This is a breakthrough in the comfortable trading on DEX. We want to create a fast, attractive and advanced terminal.

This way we are going to cover several spheres: start-up launching, market-making and trading on DEX. This is our strategy for the upcoming 2-3 years. As you can see, the launchpad is going to be a part of the system.

Sounds intriguing.

— Our life is wonderful with its dynamics and diversity. We are traders and our main ability is adjusting quickly. By the time the situation on the market becomes stable we will have created new products for different people. We will only become stronger.

Let’s discuss the results of the Q1 2023.

The things you’ve done:

  • Market Maker Tools DEX sales started.
  • The advertising campaign of the new market-making service is prepared and carried out.
  • The Market Maker Tools partnership programs are launched.
  • The new Market Maker Tools version for CEX development is getting completed.
  • Launchpad: the audits of the new start-ups are carried out. Two start-ups received high praise. However, the launches are postponed for an indefinite period of time due to financial issues.

Our plans for the Q2 2023:

  • We are going to release and start sales of the Market Maker Tools for CEX.
  • We are going to carry out the advertising campaign and receive applications for the Launchpad along with consulting start-ups.
  • Start developing the trading platform on DEX – iRocket Finance.

We will inform you about our events and continue to work on development.