What is a launchpad and how to make money listing new tokens

Launchpad is a platform that offers startups a set of tools for launching tokens, listing them on the exchange and raising capital

How does it work?

Suppose a new project is about to launch its own token. The process of listing a coin on the exchange is not easy, and that is what the startup uses a launchpad for. 

As a rule, such platforms already have active audience. A launchpad provides a startup with a full package of services for listing its token on the exchange, and it also gives its audience the opportunity to purchase a token, which is being launched, at the early stage. Thus, launchpad participants receive coins at the best price. After that, they can sell the token, when its price has grown, and make a profit.

Launching a project through the launchpad provides security for both the founders of a startup and its investors. The best cryptocurrency startups have a rigorous verification process of new projects, while the customer verification (KYC) process is usually performed by a third party as a part of the verification of new users.

How to make money on the launchpad now?

In order to buy tokens of promising startups at the lowest price, most often you need to be a holder of a certain number of coins of a particular launchpad where the project will be launched. The entry threshold for a good project can exceed several thousand dollars. Now there is a large number of launchpads on the market, but their tokens have already grown in price, that is the reason why you should draw your attention to the irocket.pro launchpad, which is about to be launched.

Why is the Infinity Rocket Launchpad unique?

  • All projects are carefully checked before entering Infinity Rocket. This eliminates the risk of launching a scam token and minimises the risks for investors;
  • Each project receives support even before the launch of the token, as well as after the start of trading;
  • Infinity Rocket launchpad has a set of its own unique tools for tokenization and successful operation of projects after the launch of coins;
  • The service provides full support for projects: from the idea itself to entering the top exchanges of the cryptocurrency market;
  • Infinity Rocket cooperates with the best advisors and consultants who help the project launch at all stages of its development

You have the opportunity to buy Infinity Rocket tokens right now.

According to the roadmap, in the current quarter the team plans its listing on the TOP exchange, to test the launchpad platform and burn coins. 

 Where and how to buy Infinity Rocket Token?

 There are detailed instructions on how to buy IRT.

 The token can be purchased using the link on Pancakeswap

 and the link on the Bitrue exchange.

 For all questions, please contact the project’s chat.